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The Shift Paperback

The Shift Paperback

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Shift...or die.

Sahara Acwellan is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary gift.

When her city's holy man dies during the ritual Seeing, Sahara discovers that she can read the patterns in the sand. But her warning comes too late, and the ravaging intergalactic collective known as the Drakkin descends on her world.

As the Drakkin systematically exterminate her people and destroy everything she loves most, Sahara is recruited into the Shell, a dark order of assassins pledged to hunt the Drakkin. She trains to defend the remnant of her people and to one day take her revenge, but nothing can prepare her for the betrayal that threatens to end more worlds than just her own.

If she wants to save her world from extinction, she must go through the Shift...but no one can tell her what she will become.

The Shift is the first book in The Silesia Chronicles: Origins space opera series.

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