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The Gate Ebook

The Gate Ebook

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The end is only the beginning...

Like every young nobleman in the city of Albadir, Jared Alareth is expected to master the arts of combat. But he is also apprenticed to Childir, the city's holy man and chief healer. He never expects to need either skill...but then the galactic collective known as the Drakkin invades his homeworld, and suddenly everything changes.

The Drakkin demand a blood sacrifice in exchange for Albadir's survival, and Jared's mother is next.

At the same time, a mysterious stranger arrives on Albadir with an impossible promise: if Jared can deliver his father's research on the Drakkin, the stranger can see to it that Jared's mother is spared. Desperate to do save his mother's life and faced with his father's spiral into madness, Jared agrees to hand over everything his father has discovered about the Drakkin.

Jared's father tells him it's a trap, but Jared doesn't believe him...and by the time he realizes how deep the deception goes, it might be too late.

The Gate is the second book in The Silesia Chronicles: Origins space opera adventure series.

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