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Sahara's Revenge

Sahara's Revenge

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This isn’t her planet…but it is her fight. And she intends to finish it.

Sahara Acwellan has nothing left. Her mission to assassinate the head of the ruthless galactic collective known as the Drakkin was a total failure. They destroyed her family and her homeworld, and she is headed to the desert planet of Silesia to serve a life sentence in the mines.

But then her prisoner transport ship crashes in the sands, and she is taken in by the last remaining human stronghold on the planet. She wants revenge...and she won't let anything stand in her way.

Sahara finds an ally in Jared Alareth, a man whose past is not so different from her own and whose hatred of the Drakkin runs almost as deep. But there are other forces at work on Silesia that Sahara doesn’t understand -- and when evil closes its grip around your throat, betrayal is a small price to pay for survival.

If her scrappy rebel force can bring down the Drakkin, they will liberate the galaxy…but failure means annihilation.

Failure is not an option.

Sahara's Revenge is the gripping first book in The Silesia Chronicles space opera adventure series.

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