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Sahara's Ransom

Sahara's Ransom

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They have awakened a slumbering evil, and the fate of all worlds now hangs in the balance.

When Sahara, Jared, and their friends fought to free the planet Askalon from the Triumvirate, their victory came at a bitter cost -- and now they find themselves faced with a debt they cannot pay.

The Triumvirate had promised a shipment of the potent mineral zanthos to the brutal dictator of the planet Halcyon. And when Sahara, Jared, and their team arrive on Halcyon to renegotiate the terms, the welcome they receive is not the one they expected.

The team on Halcyon is scattered. The situation on Askalon begins to unravel. And secrets and plots too long buried come creeping back to light. As Sahara's friends race to save Askalon from collapse, she struggles to overcome the demons of her past once and for all.

But Jared must face a greater darkness than them all, and he must face it alone.

Sahara's Ransom is the exciting third book in the Silesia science fiction space opera series. 

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